And…Editing (For Real) Begins

Hey guys, remember back in February when I told you that I’d be working with Alice Sudlow? Yeah, scrap that. When I first signed up to join the 100 Days program, I declined to opt into the editing that was offered. Although hopeful that I would actually finish a book, it seemed premature to think about paying for editing when I wasn’t sure I’d have anything to edit at the end of the hundred days. Silly, silly me. Continue reading “And…Editing (For Real) Begins”

How Writing is like an Adventure Sport

I feel as though I’ve been jumping through hoops ever since deciding to write a book. Many of these hoops fully shove me out of my comfort zone. If you’ve read my About Me page, you may laugh.

“You? You have a comfort zone?”

I know, it seems ridiculous. I’m a skydiving-motorcycling-horseback-riding-backpacking writer with a comfort zone. Click To Tweet But do you want to know what these adventure sports and writing have in common?  They scare me. You know what else scares me? Having my picture taken. And that’s where You come in (more on that later).  We writers often toil in a safe cocoon. We write and maybe if we’re brave enough, we’ll share a little of our content to a few trusted reader or a writing group. We sometimes fail to push our own boundaries or step outside of our comfort zones. And we definitely should. Continue reading “How Writing is like an Adventure Sport”

Two Drafts in the Bag

The second draft is done. Bam! I toss my head and smile modestly.

“Why yes, I have finished two drafts of my novel, thanks for asking.”

And you know what? It was torture. I procrastinated again and oh yeah, again. This whole weekend I’ve been futzing around with the CSS behind this site. I’ve never written CSS before, but I learned how to change the background color and paragraph spacing and even put a different color behind my blockquote.

Quoting: The act of repeating erroneously the words of another.

-Ambrose Bierce

Cool eh? I told myself that all of this was actually productive work. Even if that’s true I know that what I was really doing was ignoring the tidily printed pages of my new last chapter.

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How I Finally Wrote a Book

I may have peaked as a writer when I was eight and won a young author’s award for a short story.  I got to meet a REAL DEAL author (Jane Yolen, I still read my copy of Dragon’s Blood!) and attend a full-day conference with a lot of other aspiring writers.  I’ve since dabbled in poetry, short stories, essays, articles, and novels. I’ve dreamed of quitting my day jobs to be a full-time writer but always came up with a million excuses why it was an impractical dream. Or why I didn’t have the time. Or the talent. Or the imagination.

So I’d write for a while, get stuck, get bored, or put my energy into a different kind of distraction. I treated my writing as a hobby because I wasn’t sure I’d actually ever be capable of finishing a book. And if I did finish that book, I wasn’t sure if even my mom would want to read it. And let me tell you, that woman’s a reader.

One random day, I was cleaning up my email, probably procrastinating something adultish I needed to do, and came across one of the many online programs that invite you to join them and write a book. I paused, finger hovering over the delete button…

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