Happy New Year?

So…it’s been a while. To start the New Year right, I decided to write a quick “Holiday Letter” type of post to catch you up on what happened last year. So I logged into my site (it took a minute to remember how!) and I confidently clicked “Add New” under the Posts category.  And then I ran into Blocks. WTF are blocks Wordpress?  Continue reading “Happy New Year?”

Writing Advice from T.J. Allen

There’s a lot of advice for writers out there, but much of it is magnanimously handed down from writers standing on the pinnacle of success. While I appreciate books such as Stephen King’s On Writing and Anne Lamott’s  Bird by Bird, I often find the advice given by fellow fledgling writers more useful. A fellow writer, T.J. Allen, posted these thoughts the other day and I thought I’d share them with you. Continue reading “Writing Advice from T.J. Allen”

Write for Who You Know

I was recently tasked with writing a short story intended for a reader I cared about. Someone who meant something to me. I found the assignment daunting. Who should I pick to write for?  Should I pick my audience based on the story that pops into my head? How do you plan a story for one particular person? It seemed that the easiest thing to do would write a story for one of my young nieces or nephews. But what’s the fun in being easy? (wink) Continue reading “Write for Who You Know”

Hurry Up and Wait

I’m not fond of waiting. I believe most of my friends and family would agree that patience is not one of my innate talents. And it seems like writing is all about waiting. Right now, I’m waiting to hear back on two writing contests. I’m waiting for feedback on a story. I’m waiting to start writing my next book series. Because I wanted to wait less, I even switched editors on my current book. Which is why, when Kim gave me notes for editing my book a week ago, I’ve done next to nothing regarding my current book. Continue reading “Hurry Up and Wait”

Sorry Not Sorry

I haven’t written a post in a while. Every day that goes by, I feel a little worse about it. I’ve started a number of posts and then stopped, thinking, “Wait, it’s been X number of days already and I’m going to share this drivel? This tripe? Not good enough!” and so another day slides by. Continue reading “Sorry Not Sorry”