Write for Who You Know

I was recently tasked with writing a short story intended for a reader I cared about. Someone who meant something to me. I found the assignment daunting. Who should I pick to write for?  Should I pick my audience based on the story that pops into my head? How do you plan a story for one particular person? It seemed that the easiest thing to do would write a story for one of my young nieces or nephews. But what’s the fun in being easy? (wink) Continue reading “Write for Who You Know”

Whaaat? I Wrote a Book??

Today, for the first time, I typed the words THE END. At the actual end of a novel. A real(ish) novel. It doesn’t matter that I may have skipped a crucial scene or two in that final chapter, or if there is a character I forgot about, or if there are other gaping plot holes ’cause as Steven Pressfield writes, first you must

Cover the Canvas

My canvas is covered. With more than 110,000 words. Yay! Yay me? Now all I have to do is…uh…well…

Continue reading “Whaaat? I Wrote a Book??”