100 Days of…?

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ve seen a number of your friends, peers, or family attempt a 100-day challenge. Some folks are good at it and others start strong and then…disappear? I got curious today about where these are all coming from and found through my 2-minute exhaustive Google search that there is a website that claims* to have begun the 100-day phenomena. Continue reading “100 Days of…?”

How the Story Grid Editing Method Almost Killed My Book

Last year, I decided that Editing is the worst part of writing.  Writing 120,000 words into a believable tale took 1-3 hours a day for 80 days. Editing the same book took all year. Oh, wait, no, it’s still not done.  And finishing my book didn’t even percolate to the top of my New Year’s resolutions. The monster manuscript was heading perilously close to the Trunk of Unfinished Works (if you have no idea what that means, let me Google that for you). Continue reading “How the Story Grid Editing Method Almost Killed My Book”