How I Finally Wrote a Book

I may have peaked as a writer when I was eight and won a young author’s award for a short story.  I got to meet a REAL DEAL author (Jane Yolen, I still read my copy of Dragon’s Blood!) and attend a full-day conference with a lot of other aspiring writers.  I’ve since dabbled in poetry, short stories, essays, articles, and novels. I’ve dreamed of quitting my day jobs to be a full-time writer but always came up with a million excuses why it was an impractical dream. Or why I didn’t have the time. Or the talent. Or the imagination.

So I’d write for a while, get stuck, get bored, or put my energy into a different kind of distraction. I treated my writing as a hobby because I wasn’t sure I’d actually ever be capable of finishing a book. And if I did finish that book, I wasn’t sure if even my mom would want to read it. And let me tell you, that woman’s a reader.

One random day, I was cleaning up my email, probably procrastinating something adultish I needed to do, and came across one of the many online programs that invite you to join them and write a book. I paused, finger hovering over the delete button…

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