About Me

Welcome to yet another writer’s blog. Ba-dum-bump. There are a whole lotta author blogs out there because today’s writer is told,

To Have Any Hope of Someone Reading Your Book, Thou Must Blog. Click To Tweet

Which, let’s be honest, is a bit scary.

“Why,” you might wonder, “would a writer have a difficult time writing? I mean, duh, right? Everyone can blog! My grandmother blogs and she doesn’t even know how to turn her computer on!”

*Side note, my grandparents have all passed, so thanks for that reminder, judgmental reader.

My answer? Because a blog is about ME and a story is about someone else. In stories, my characters explore their worlds, they fall in love, they (spoiler alert!) make mistakes. In a blog, it’s me putting my own failings and limitations out there for the world to judge. It’s me putting my hopes and dreams, thoughts and musings, fears and anxieties out there for you to read. And to comment on. And I’m daring to hope, to share with others who may want to read and praise deride comment on what I’ve written.

If I’m going to blog, I want it to be authentic, so here’s what I propose to do. I will set out to write a post a week about my writing process. As me. And why would I do that? Because I am afraid. Because I am anxious about this. And because I want to write, and have my stories be read, more than I want to hide in my comfortable shell. And I think you do too. I think you have stories to share and characters to introduce to the world but you’re not sure how to do it. Or if you can even get the courage together to do it. So if I can become a writer, if I can let you in to see exactly how a bashful and apprehensive person can navigate the many, many, many ways that writers have to step outside their cozy and protective armor, then so can you. And maybe, by doing this together, we will learn how to fake it ‘til we make it.

So now that you’re thoroughly convinced that I’m an authoritative source of information, let me tell you a little about myself. I have a full-time job. I have horses and birds and a dog. I commute, and grocery shop, and pay my bills and generally pretend that I know how to adult. I’m a voracious reader, and a procrastinator, which means I’ve bought a lot of books about how to write a book but haven’t really read many of them. Yet. I even bought a book about beating procrastination…that I haven’t read. Yet.

I read in every genre but I’m drawn to thrillers, mysteries, and near-future science fiction.  I was that person who used to bring 5 novels on a trip, two for reading while waiting at the airports, two for the duration of the flights, and one for while I was on my trip.

I write because I have to write.  I write because I see snatches of worlds that need to be explored.  I know there are characters waiting for me to fall in love with them, and others that I need to hate.  I write because I feel things I can’t talk about, and have opinions that I don’t feel free to share with my people.  I write because the world around me is messed up and I’m tired of waiting for someone to fix it.

In addition to reading and writing and book hoarding, my hobby seems to be collecting hobbies. Seriously. I’m a magazine subscription seller’s dream. I garden, I hike and backpack, I sketch, I paint watercolors, I’m into photography. I cook, I ski, I’m a trail rider. I’m into training dogs, and parrots, and horses and trying new restaurants. I travel, I snowshoe, I’m into stone carving, I ride on and off-road motorcycles, I’m a licensed skydiver. I want to learn how to weld and make furniture, cross-country ski and get into competitive mounted orienteering, dressage, and maybe drill team. I want to learn to scuba dive and play the guitar I bought on an enthusiastic whim.

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